Sparkling Water and Your Teeth: What You Must Know

Sparkling Water and Your Teeth: What You Must Know

Monday, August 1st, 2022

Sparkling Water and Your Teeth: What You Must Know

Many people like to drink sparkling water because they find it more appealing than regular water. Additionally, they get to enjoy a variety of fun flavors without the worry of high sugar intake. If you are a regular consumer of sparkling water and are concerned about your teeth, then you will want to know how it will affect your teeth, your gums and your overall health.

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Gums and Teeth?

According to the most current research, sparkling water is generally fine for your teeth and gums. In one study, teeth that were removed for treatment were studied to see if sparkling water would attack the tooth enamel more aggressively than regular water. The findings demonstrated that sparkling water generally did not impact teeth and gums negatively. There is one caveat to this, however. Sparkling waters that are citrus flavored contain more acid than those that are not, and these can potentially impact your teeth and gums negatively because the acid content in citrus-flavored sparkling waters can erode the enamel on your teeth.

Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Health?

Sparkling water is much better for your health than sugar sweetened beverages. Sugary drinks have been known to cause a plethora of health problems, and therefore they are best consumed in moderation. If you are looking for a drink that contains flavor and are not in the mood to drink regular water, sparkling water is an outstanding choice because it is free from sugar and will not negatively impact your health.

Is Carbonated Water Acidic?

Research shows that all carbonated water has a higher acid content than plain water. Some sparkling waters are more acidic than others depending on the ingredients that are used.

How to Enjoy Sparkling Water

If you want to enjoy sparkling water, then you must follow the below tips for best results.

Pay attention to the ingredients in your sparkling water. Sparkling waters that are citrus based can erode your teeth if you consume them too much. If you are a huge fan of citrus flavors and want to consume citrus-flavored sparkling water, consume them with your meals so you have something else to offset the acid content and avoid the chances of eroding your teeth and experiencing emergency dental problems.

Sparkling waters that contain any amount of sugar can no longer be legitimately considered sparkling water. When sugar has been added to sparkling water, it is now considered a sweetened beverage which can impact your teeth and health. For best results, only consume sparkling waters that contain no amount of sugar.

If you consume sparkling water regularly, be sure to also drink plain water. Even though sparkling water will not impact your teeth, gums and health negatively, plain water is still always better.

If you want to make sure your teeth remain in tiptop shape, you must schedule a dental checkup with our leading dentist in Coquitlam. We will provide you with a thorough checkup and make recommendations for maintaining your oral health to prevent the development of serious problems. With us, you are in good hands as we believe in giving our patients superior-quality care and making them feel relaxed.


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