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Intraoral And Extraoral Photography

With Intraoral and Extraoral photography, we can now show patients precisely what the dentists sees when examining your teeth and gums. While using intraoral cameras and DSLR cameras on the outside, we can easily take digital images of your teeth and gums and use them to explain your oral health. The images are also essential for laboratory use when creating custom crowns, bridge and veneers.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography allows our dental office to take rapid, crystal clear, high definition images of the patients mouth without the delays of film photography. Additionally, digital radiography uses much less radiation when compared to traditional imaging.

3D Cone-Beam Scans

Our dental office is equipped with 3D imaging technology which by comparison to equivalent medical machines used in the health industry, produce substantially less radiation to our patients. Our 3D imaging machines provide our dentists with detailed information about your teeth, gums and overall oral health. With a single image, we are able to assess your teeth and jaws with three different perspectives. This is essential while looking for bone cysts, infections and even tumours.

Soft Tissue Diode Laser

In modern day technology, laser dentistry has advanced rapidly. Dentists are using laser technology to treat teeth, pockets of soft tissue, gums as well as many other dental procedures effectively and accurately. Additionally, patients will experience far less swelling and accelerated healing times while maintaining and relaxation during their dental procedure.

3D IntraOral Scanner

We take pride in providing our patience with modern technology in the dental industry. With the use of 3D IntraOral scanners, we are now able to take digital impressions of your mouth – eliminating the use large inconvenient impression trays which contained gooey substances. The IntraOral Scanner is a small hand held device that your dentist may use to take several photos inside your mouth. The IntraOral scanners renders the series of photos into a 3D model which can be rotated, zoomed and modified on a screen. The digital file created from this model can be easily sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication and design of a crown, bridge, retainer and nightguards – just to name a few.


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