Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in Coquitlam

Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in Coquitlam

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in Coquitlam

Exposed dentin is a health condition that is preventable and treatable. A visit with your dentist will diagnose the cause of tooth sensitivity. Preventative measures and treatment options restore and protect teeth from decay and exposed dentin.

How Does Exposed Dentin Affect Your Health

Exposed dentin harms your overall sense of well-being because it’s an exposed barrier that protects the inner parts of your teeth. There is soft pulp with sensitive nerves inside your teeth. When your dentin is exposed, you may experience sensitivity or pain when your teeth come into contact with:

  • Hot liquids and food, including beverages and soups.
  • Cold substances, including ice cream and iced water.
  • Sugary drinks and food, including iced coffee and candy.
  • Acidic beverages and foods, including pop and citrus.

Instead of wondering how to treat the pain on your own, trust a professional to help remedy the pain and sensitivity in your mouth.

What Causes Exposed Dentin?

Certain harmful mouth hygiene practices and reactions to stress can cause exposed dentin. Some people use the wrong tools to clean their teeth, such as the wrong hardness of toothbrushes. Dentists can help with the most common causes of exposed dentin, including:

  • Bruxism: Teeth grinding that wears down the protective enamel may occur in your sleep or during waking hours. Bruxism happens in response to stress, muscle diseases, or a jaw out of joint.
  • Brushing too hard: While it may seem to make sense to brush as hard as you can or use a toothbrush with the hardest bristles, these actions can cause more harm to your oral health than good by removing the enamel.
  • Recessed gums: Improper and lack of flossing and brushing let plaque form and settle under the gums. The gum line recedes from inadequate care and dentin is exposed.
  • Heartburn: Stomach acid dissolves the enamel and causes tooth decay and exposed dentin.

The wearing down of the teeth and decay from harmful bacteria contained in plaque dissolve the protective tooth enamel. A dentist will demonstrate and advise you on proper brushing and flossing techniques to avoid further exposure of the dentin.

Exposed Dentin Treatment

Exposed dentin treatment is the most effective and safest with guidance from a dentist. There are several options for treating the affected exposed areas, eventually relieving the pain in your mouth. Exposed dentin treatment includes:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste. Brushing with nerve-blocking toothpaste relieves pain within days.
  • Fluoride treatment: Added fluoride to your teeth reduces sensitivity while strengthening the enamel, preventing further decay.
  • Crowns and bonding: Sensitivity from tooth defects and decay can be remedied with restorative correction.
  • Gum surgery: A gum graft reduces sensitivity and pain and protects teeth roots.
  • Root canal: When other treatment options aren't enough, a root canal removes the decay and provides pain relief.

Proper dental treatment and hygiene protect teeth and gums from further decay and relieve pain. When you need a dentist in Coquitlam, trust the Brookmere Dental Group for comprehensive care. Book an appointment for exposed dentin and other oral health needs.


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