Dentist in Coquitlam: Don’t Let Dental Infections Catch You Unaware

Dentist in Coquitlam: Don’t Let Dental Infections Catch You Unaware

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Have you ever experienced a dental infection?

Dental infections, or dental abscesses, arise when a tooth is exposed to bacteria. Even simple cavities can result in dental abscesses when they're left untreated.

We're here to talk about dental infections and how a trip to your local dentist in Coquitlam can help you prevent them. Read on to learn more.

Why Are Dental Infections So Dangerous?

Dental infections don't only affect your teeth and gums.

While infections start in the mouth, they're quick to spread. Your infection can spread throughout your body and even to your brain (after all, your mouth and your brain aren't that far apart).

Dental infections don't have to be serious to cause those problems. Even a bad untreated cavity or a crack in a tooth can lead to a dental disaster.

Health Problems Associated With Dental Infections

Aside from the obvious pain that comes alongside a dental infection, there are several health problems that can arise if you don't get treatment from your local dentist.

A tooth infection can turn into a jaw infection which is harder to treat. You'll notice significant swelling and pain. Tooth infections can also turn into sinus irritation.

In more serious cases, a tooth infection could trigger Ludwig's Angina. This can cause your neck and throat to swell, which will make it harder to breathe, speak, and eat.

In the most serious cases, an untreated dental abscess could lead to meningitis.

Signs Of Infection

So how can you know if you have a dental abscess? What are the dental infection symptoms that you should look out for?

First, keep in mind that infections don't always cause pain, at least not right away. If you've had a root canal, or if you have a dental implant infection, you may not feel it because your nerve is dead.

In most cases, you'll experience at least some discomfort and inflammation. Most of the time patients will experience pain, and that pain will increase with pressure or hot and cold temperatures.

It's common to feel ill when you have a dental abscess and you may have a fever.

People with dental infections often have bad breath and they may find it difficult to open their mouths, eat, and sleep.


Although problems can arise after dental emergencies (like cracked teeth), most dental infections can be avoided if you regularly visit your dentist.

One in four adults has at least one untreated cavity. While a cavity is "no big deal" when it first forms, it can turn into a dental abscess if it's allowed to grow.

When you visit your local dentist, they'll be able to identify problems before they get serious.

When you're not at the dentist's office, make sure that you're taking good care of your own dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice per day with high-fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once per day, and make sure to replace your toothbrush every few months.

Is It Time To Visit Your Dentist In Coquitlam?

Dental infections are no joke! If you think that you might have a dental infection, or if it's been a while since your last appointment, it might be time to visit your dentist in Coquitlam.

At Brookmere Dental Group, we're here for all of your dental needs. Contact us to set up an appointment today.


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