wisdom teeth pain

Tips to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth. Sometimes when you least expect it, those pesky third molars start to emerge from the sides of your mouth. For many people, this can be a stressful and painful process, but don't worry! In this blog post, we'll cover some wisdom teeth pain recovery tips from our family Dentistry in Coquitlam. Wisdom teeth If you're among the 70% of people in Canada who have wisdom teeth, you may be all too familiar with the pain and discomfort they can cause. While some people never experience any problems with their wisdom teeth and can keep them healthy with regular brushing and flossing, others may develop cavities, gum disease, or other problems that require treatment. Impacted wisdom teeth are especially prone to causing problems, as they can crowd or damage adjacent teeth. How to recover from wisdom teeth pain Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that

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Taking Care of Your Teeth after a Professional Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are the ideal option for anyone who suffers from discoloured teeth. These treatments have gained wide popularity because they can brighten any smile without the need of undergoing any major dental procedures. If you are planning to undergo a whitening treatment, we would like to encourage you in considering professional tooth whitening. Professional teeth whitening treatments can enhance the visuals of your smile in a customized manner so that all your teeth end up with the same level of brightness. You will also experience long-lasting results when you undergo professional tooth whitening and expose yourself to fewer chemicals than when using an over-the-counter whitening product. Having said that, you should know that no matter what teeth whitening option you choose, the most important part of the procedure is aftercare when you can maintain the results by maintaining some dental habits and taking good care of your teeth.

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Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in Coquitlam

Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in Coquitlam

Exposed dentin is a health condition that is preventable and treatable. A visit with your dentist will diagnose the cause of tooth sensitivity. Preventative measures and treatment options restore and protect teeth from decay and exposed dentin. How Does Exposed Dentin Affect Your Health Exposed dentin harms your overall sense of well-being because it’s an exposed barrier that protects the inner parts of your teeth. There is soft pulp with sensitive nerves inside your teeth. When your dentin is exposed, you may experience sensitivity or pain when your teeth come into contact with: Hot liquids and food, including beverages and soups. Cold substances, including ice cream and iced water. Sugary drinks and food, including iced coffee and candy. Acidic beverages and foods, including pop and citrus. Instead of wondering how to treat the pain on your own, trust a professional to help remedy the pain and sensitivity in your mouth. What Causes Exposed Dentin? Certain harmful mouth

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Sparkling Water and Your Teeth: What You Must Know

Sparkling Water and Your Teeth: What You Must Know

Many people like to drink sparkling water because they find it more appealing than regular water. Additionally, they get to enjoy a variety of fun flavors without the worry of high sugar intake. If you are a regular consumer of sparkling water and are concerned about your teeth, then you will want to know how it will affect your teeth, your gums and your overall health. Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Gums and Teeth? According to the most current research, sparkling water is generally fine for your teeth and gums. In one study, teeth that were removed for treatment were studied to see if sparkling water would attack the tooth enamel more aggressively than regular water. The findings demonstrated that sparkling water generally did not impact teeth and gums negatively. There is one caveat to this, however. Sparkling waters that are citrus flavored contain more acid than those that

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Tonsil Stones: What You Need to Know From Your Dentist in Coquitlam

Do you suffer from bad breath and chronic throat infections? You might be a member of the tonsillolith club! Tonsilloliths, commonly known as tonsil stones, are a common oral problem for adults. Approximately 5% to 6% of people experience tonsil stones. But what are they, and are they dangerous to your health? Get the answers here and learn how your dentist in Coquitlam can help. What Are Tonsil Stones? Tonsil stones are hard calcified deposits that form in the crevices of your tonsils. They’re usually yellow or white and can range from microscopic bits to several centimeters in size. One of the biggest tonsil stones ever removed measured 3.1 × 2.3 cm (about the size of a grape!) You might have tonsil stones if you notice some of these common symptoms: Bad breath Bad taste in your mouth Ticklish or itchy throat Chronic cough Trouble swallowing Irritated or swollen tonsils Difficult to treat throat

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What Smoking Does to the Teeth: Visit a Dentist in Coquitlam Now

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it seemed that smoking was on the decline in Canada. British Columbia was no exception but unfortunately, this is a trend that now appears to be reversing. The latest figures show that at least 15% of the population here smokes. There are many good reasons to visit a dentist in Coquitlam, but if you’re a smoker then this is especially important to do on a regular basis. You’re probably well aware of how smoking can affect your physical and mental health, but how does smoking affect your teeth? That’s what we’re going to be discussing today. Read on to see if it might be time for you to schedule a dental check up in Coquitlam. Smoking and Teeth Discoloration Let’s start off with something on the less serious side of things. Smoking is renowned for causing discoloration in teeth. Your teeth are made out of enamel and this

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